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Curtiss-Wright is an innovative engineering company with approximately $2.5 billion in annual sales and 10,000 employees worldwide. We provide high-tech, critical-function products, systems and services in the areas of flow control, motion control and surface treatment to commercial aerospace, energy, defense and industrial markets. While we’re proud of our legacy – “CW” began trading on the NYSE in 1929 when Glenn Curtiss, the father of naval aviation, and the Wright brothers merged their businesses -- we’re even more excited about our future, as we believe Curtiss-Wright is poised to achieve sustained, long-term growth and success.

Whether you are new to Curtiss-Wright or have been following us for years, we hope our website provides you all the information and tools you seek as an investor. If you need anything further, please contact us.

Three Reasons to Consider Curtiss-Wright*

  1. Our growth strategy continues to prove itself.
    We remain focused on achieving solid organic growth that we regularly enhance through strategic acquisitions. We acquire advanced technology businesses that complement our existing portfolio, increase our content on existing programs or provide expansion in high-growth emerging markets or geographies. We have significant experience integrating our acquisitions and improving their profitability. This helps us create and maintain a balanced and diversified end-market offering across the major markets we serve: defense, energy and commercial/industrial.
  2. Our technologies matter.
    Continual adaptation to the changing needs of our customers and technological expertise are Curtiss-Wright’s core competencies. We provide highly engineered products and services for high-performance platforms and critical applications in key areas such as commercial aerospace and defense electronics, reactor coolant pumps for next-generation nuclear reactors and advanced surface treatment technologies. Our customers count on Curtiss-Wright technologies for increased safety, reliability and performance in the most demanding environments.
  3. We generate shareholder value.
    Over the past decade, Curtiss-Wright’s market capitalization has more than doubled thanks to strong financial performance, as our sales and operating income have achieved compound annual growth rates of 15% or greater. Looking ahead, further product line expansions, coupled with ongoing cost reductions and operating efficiency improvements, bode well for our future. As we continue to transform our business to meet customer demands in promising, dynamic markets, we remain dedicated to increasing shareholder value through growth in sales and even faster growth in profits.

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* Please see Risk Factors