Curtiss-Wright’s Sensors & Controls Division is a key partner to major commercial aerospace original equipment manufacturers, including Boeing and Airbus. The Division includes businesses that produce high performance electro-mechanical actuation, precision position sensors, fluid controls and motion control subsystems, as well as complex structural components for aerospace applications.

Our products, found from the nose to the tail of the aircraft, include today’s most advanced, high reliable precision position sensors, market leading hot air valves used on advanced engine propulsion systems, and a gamut of other proprietary products and services. Our broad portfolio is an important competitive advantage that enables our customers to single-source multiple components from a trusted supplier. We have significant content on established core platforms and have also captured important contracts on virtually every new major program with substantial backlogs, including the 787, A350, A320NEO, 737 MAX, CFM LEAP-X and the Pratt &Whitney PurePower® engine.

We have specialized engineering and manufacturing capability we leverage to design and produce of high-precision, flight-critical actuation, both rotary and linear, featuring gear heads, clutches, brakes, and integral position sensing. We also produce solenoids and valves used in hydraulic, pneumatic, and fuel systems. Our suite of products for passenger aircraft applications includes trailing edge flaps, secondary flight controls and cargo door motion control systems. For military aircraft, our products include flight control actuation, ordnance handling systems and canopy actuators.

We also produce highly engineered custom electromechanical products for critical industrial applications. Our product portfolio includes roller screw linear actuators, rotary servo motors, and electronic products for motion control applications. Our patented actuator technology offers many times the life of ball screw actuators and provides an efficient electro-mechanical replacement for hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders.