Curtiss-Wright’s Nuclear Division supports commercial nuclear power operators globally in the safe and efficient production of clean energy and we have done so since the very start of this industry. Whether it is currently operating generation stations or new build plants, our engineered critical components, systems integration, inspection, qualification and obsolescence solutions are included in the more than 150 related products and services provided by Curtiss-Wright. Our engineers have been instrumental in the design of reactor coolant pumps, control-rod drive mechanisms, electro-hydraulic valve actuators, severe service valves, hydraulic snubbers, diagnostic equipment, and containment doors that have helped set the industry standard for safety, quality and performance. We are committed to providing solutions to meet the unique requirements of the nuclear power industry.

Curtiss-Wright is a leading supplier of safety-related fasteners and precision components, bolting and tensioning solutions, construction products, and related inventory management services to utilities, Nuclear Steam Supply Systems, Architects & Engineers, the Department of Energy and Original Equipment Manufacturers as well as power generating facilities throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Our innovative products, such as Nova's HydraNut® bolting technology, are changing the face of the industry by dramatically accelerating closure time for reactor vessel heads and coolant pumps, increasing plant efficiencies while significantly reducing the risk of exposure to employees. Additional products and services include custom manufacturing, NPT-Certified Welding, nuclear approved Unistrut® building materials and PlasmaBond® vacuum-coating lubricant seals.

We have the capability to design, re-engineer, repair, refurbish, and build existing and new solutions that give superior performance while maintaining the certified form, fit, and function of the original equipment.

Several of our clients are required to inspect heat exchangers to meet Site License Renewal Commitments and in response to Industry Operating Experience. Often, these components are not routinely inspected due to radiological concerns. The IM-2 manipulator system, developed in partnership with CoreStar International, addresses these concerns. The IM-2 is modular, scalable, and is easily configurable to address a wide variety of inspection conditions including multiple mounting options and adjustable coverage areas.

Through our NETCO SNAP-IN inserts, we are a market leader in providing spent fuel management solutions. The company provides product and service solutions that address the performance of neutron absorbing materials in spent fuel storage racks in addition to numerous analytical services related to nuclear fuel storage.