Environmental, Health and Safety Policy
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July 2019


Under the ‘One Curtiss-Wright’ vision, we are striving to become an integrated, market-facing global diversified industrial company. Managing all aspects of our operations in a safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable manner is integral to the achievement of our vision.

The following environmental, health and safety commitments guide the daily actions of all employees and every level of Curtiss-Wright management:


We operate in a manner that complies with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations.

Incident Prevention

We believe that most incidents and accidents that negatively affect human health, safety, and the environment are preventable.

Health and Safety

We maintain a safe and healthy workplace by assigning EH&S managers to our facilities, utilizing safe technologies, training programs, and effective risk management practices in our operations, thereby reducing hazards and risks to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.


We consider the potential impact to the environment and manage our operations responsibly by conserving energy and water, minimizing waste and emissions, and promoting recycling and renewable energy use to reduce adverse environmental impacts.

Continuous Improvement

We constantly look for new tools, technologies and procedures to improve our environmental, health and safety performance.

Integrate EHS considerations into Business Practices

We consider the health and safety of all parties when making business decisions and conducting our operations.

Stakeholder Dialogue

We comply with right-to-know and other applicable laws relating to communications about known hazards and safeguards associated with our operations and activities, and engage in a dialogue with our employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, shareholders, community, and other stakeholders to discuss and respond to their concerns.

We implement our EHS Policy commitments through our ‘One Curtiss-Wright’ EHS Management System Framework and follow robust processes and procedures to ensure that our policy objectives are achieved, including: conducting periodic audits using outside experts in the field of environmental, health and safety and providing an anonymous hotline system that allows our employees to report without the fear of reprisal any environmental, health and safety matters to the Company’s senior leadership.

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