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Curtiss-Wright provides highly engineered, advanced products and solutions that uniquely meet the complex needs of today's industrial world.

A contributing factor to Curtiss-Wright’s success is the Company’s ability to adapt its core competencies and technologies for new applications. We participate in a broad array of industrial markets, providing design expertise, specialized manufacturing and quality standards to meet and exceed the expectations of our diverse original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customer base for a variety of applications.

Over-the-road and off-road, our technologies are enhancing the operation of automobiles and trucks, as well as agricultural and other heavy equipment. Curtiss-Wright’s advanced surface technologies -- including peening and coatings -- provide superior performance in highly stressed engine, suspension and transmission components for passenger and competitive racing cars, trucks, and off-road vehicles. Likewise, our position sensors are used in steering, suspension, gearbox, and accelerator controls, as well as in transit lifts on buses and municipal vehicles.

Commercial off-road equipment and heavy truck OEMs use Curtiss-Wright’s highly engineered electronic sensors, electronic throttle controls and joysticks in their vehicles. In particular, electronic throttle control products are helping address the long-term trend toward attaining higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions in many regions across the world, as countries such as China, India and Russia are implementing more stringent emissions standards for heavy trucks and specialty vehicles.

In the medical market, Curtiss-Wright applies parylene coatings to coronary artery stents, rubber/silicone seals and wire forming mandrels used in the manufacture of catheters. These coatings impart properties of lubricity, moisture impermeability, solvent resistance and biocompatibility to these devices. We also perform various analytical services, such as mechanical and metallurgical testing, failure analysis and fatigue testing of medical devices. In addition, our controller and drive technologies operate wheelchairs and rehabilitation chairs, which are part of the rapidly growing market segment of electrically driven vehicles. These same drive technologies also support industrial forklifts and pallet loaders.

Our actuation technology established its legacy in the aerospace market. Today, we provide this technology to new end market applications that include factory automation, process automation, and testing and simulation. Our electric actuators and motors provide “plug and play” replacement for existing hydraulic actuators and address the growing industrial demand for advanced, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly actuation solutions.

In a world where technology plays an ever-growing role in industry, Curtiss-Wright brings an increasingly valuable tradition of innovation and reliability.

“Did You Know?”
“During the 2013 Formula One season, Curtiss-Wright industrial sensors are being used by ten of the racing teams, representing 20 of the 22 cars.”