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Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Electronics segment provides our nation, and several international defense forces, with vital aerospace, ground and naval defense systems and support. Reflecting our strong presence on key platforms, Curtiss-Wright is well positioned even in challenging defense environments, providing a wide range of solutions and critical technologies required for today’s most demanding defense applications, from controlling the lift, flight and landing of aircraft to stabilizing the weapons systems on armored tanks.

Through our Defense Solutions division, Curtiss-Wright is a long-established technology leader and integration partner to our customers, providing a full range of advanced, highly engineered solutions for advanced technology, enhanced safety, security, and performance addressing the most demanding manned and unmanned rotorcraft, fixed wing, ground, and naval applications.

Within the growing field of defense electronics, Curtiss-Wright is the industry leader in the embedded computing market. Our rugged electronic modules and systems are based on industry standard Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) open architecture-technologies that enable prime contractors and defense agencies to deploy quickly, meet size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) constraints while leveraging the latest technologies available in the marketplace. Further, it allows them to process data in real time to support mission-critical functions in the air, at sea and on the ground.

Curtiss-Wright has also emerged as an important resource for the Defense Department’s Net-Centric Warfare strategy, a style of technology-enabled preparation and execution that provides a virtual real-time shared picture of an ongoing military situation by integrating networked sensors, command and control systems, and modern weapons on the battlefield. Known as Command, Control, Computers, Communications, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR), our net-centric products and systems include high- performance radars, signal intelligence, electro-optical and infrared sensor data collection, and network and secured storage.

We also provide the actuators, sensors, pilot controls, and recorders found aboard today’s most important military fixed-wing, rotorcraft and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platforms.

Additionally, our broad engineering capabilities combine system, software, electrical, and mechanical design expertise with comprehensive program management and a broad range of life-cycle support services.

Curtiss-Wright specializes in the design and development of:

  • Rugged electronic modules and packaging solutions including ADC/DAC modules, digital signal processors, FPGA processor cards, I/O & communications boards, single board computers, and video/graphics cards
  • Networking and communication solutions for secure mobile networks to enable distributed processing and sharing of time-sensitive data as well as tactical data link processing.
  • Rugged electronic and electromechanical system solutions including aiming & stabilization systems, ammunition handling systems, data recorders, data storage devices, mission computers, mission displays, 360 degree situational awareness systems, radar systems, and rugged Ethernet switches
  • Avionics flight test and monitoring systems including air data systems, data acquisition, telemetry & flight safety, crash protected recorders, cameras and video acquisition solutions, ground station acquisition and analysis, flight testing and space data handling systems.
  • Instrument and control systems for Navy propulsion systems
  • Naval equipment enclosures and consoles
  • Specialized structures and other sophisticated systems for U.S. and international navies


Defense Solutions –

Boards and Subsystem Products

Avionics & Electronics –

Flight Test & Avionics Systems

Drive Technology –

Aiming & Stabilization

INDAL Technologies –

Shipboard Helicopter Handling Systems

Peerless Instrument –

Instrumentation and Control Systems


Embedded Computing Boards and Modules

Networking and Communications

Flight Test & Monitoring Instrumentation


901D Rugged Naval Enclosures & Consoles

Storage & Recording

Motion Control Solutions

Video Management Systems & Rugged Mission Displays

Software for tactical network management, tactical data link processing, aiming & stabilization to flight test

Peerless Instrumentation & Control Systems